Frequently Asked Questions

+ How does this benefit all of our people?

Our kids area upgrade serves all of our families for the sake of relating to the creative need of children. It also empowers every individual and family to use their testimony and influence to invite young families to be a part of a healthy, growing church. Our auditorium renovation will enhance our worship experience to help bring specific focus on our message while guarding against unwanted distractions. In a culture where sound and lighting impacts every participant, we will enhance our acoustic and visual experience to provide a welcomed satisfaction to our crowds. We must never underestimate the comfort of good seating to help individuals enjoy their worship experience. Our atrium area will further improve our effort to show the warm welcome that Evangel Church is known for among our guests who attend. It is a worthy investment with the knowledge that the first few seconds of a person’s visit determines their return to a church.

+ Why do we need to remodel the auditorium?

We have remodeled 4 phases out of 5 planned phases in the past few years with our cash reserves, leaving the worship center as our final phase. Eighteen years ago when we built our present facility, the current auditorium was built as a gymnasium that would double as our place of worship. Acoustics, lighting, flooring and other building features had dual responsibility, but were not adequately sufficient for a worship center. This upgrade and renovation will not only bring a cohesive design to the rest of our other remodeled phases but also provides us with up-to-date quality staging, adjustable house and stage lighting for our live and TV/video services, new comfortable seating, and a vision to our guests that we love our experiential worship experiences.

+ Why do we need to add children's features?

This is an easy win children and families to Jesus! Our present families will be empowered to reach young children and families through their influence and invitation. We also want to provide young adults with the confidence that as they get married and begin their families, their church has invested in ministry to the future family of their hopes and God fulfilled dreams.

+ When will the construction begin?

It depends on multiple factors – the most important being the success of this one year campaign. We are hopeful that we can begin this June of 2016, which will be our 50th anniversary as a church. It would be a great accomplishment to complete everything by the end of 2016, but we will finalize the project as our commitments are fulfilled.

+ Will we have to relocate during construction?

Thankfully we will not have to relocate during the construction. We will strategically remodel and structure the aspects of renovation in a way that allows us to be ready for worship on the weekends.

+ How much will it cost and will we need a loan?

The total cost of the project will be $500,000. This includes the remodeling of the auditorium, a reimagined kids area with a three-level play land area, and a renovated atrium. We will complete this project on a cash basis without a loan.

+ How are we going to do this?

This is a God-sized task that we will accomplish together only with God’s help. The Above and Beyond campaign need is $500,000 over the next year. It will take each of us, including individuals and families, sacrificially partnering together to fulfill this need. Two key areas that we are trusting God for are 1) a strong miracle offering to enable us to begin the work immediately; and 2) strong monthly commitments paired with faithful giving to finish the project. Your one year commit- ment to the Above and Beyond campaign should be an amount that God leads you to give over and above your regular tithe and missions giving. We are taking a journey together to hear God speak to us and honor the Him as we fulfill the vision that He has for us to reach others for Christ. We will accomplish this mission together as everyone participates as they hear God speak to them regarding what they should invest. Everyone matters as we chase forward to the exciting vision and future God has for Evangel Church. Great days are ahead!