The Here & Now

Each time God has guided us to take a step of faith to trust His leading, we have seen Him add favor and blessing to our Church Family here at Evangel. And we are growing! We are coming together in worship, building together through connecting in smaller sized groups, and going together by serving, influencing and inviting others to impact the world for Christ. As the Lord led us to launch our Indian service and then our Spanish service, we have attracted families where language initially is critically important. Evangel’s ministries and services have wonderful advantages for individuals and families as they gain the support of so many servant leaders making available wonderful worship experiences and meaningful relationships for their children.

The Solution

We have spent several years doing our due diligence and strategizing how we can best address this need. We have partnered with architects, designers and engineers who have heard our vision and are helping us design a beautiful, functional space to meet our concerns. We have also enlisted the help of some of the nations leading strategic, financial planning advisors. They have all advised us that it is a needed step in terms of our current size and facility needs. After thorough review, they have concluded that we have the financial strength, capacity and growth trends to make this happen. We are confident with God’s help and His faithful people hearing God’s voice and vision, Evangel Church is ready to chase forward.